Okoro Sentenced

Donald Okoro was sentenced to serve 30 years in the Texas Department of Corrections Jail by District Judge Deborah Oakes Evans in the Leon County Courtroom, Tuesday, October 2nd. Okoro accepted a plea bargain the day a jury had been called for his trial. The plea offer had been made months ago by Leon District Attorney Hope Knight. Okoro was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance. The attorney for Okoro was Clay Conrad.

The plea agreement came from Okoro as a jury was being selected to hear the trial in his case. After waiting several hours, the pool of citizens present for the jury selection were dismissed.

In a related matter, charges of drug possession against Bobbie Hampton were dismissed. Hampton had been a passenger in the car with Okoro at the time of his arrest. According to Okoro, Hampton had not been aware of the drugs in the vehicle.

Hampton, however, is currently still being held in the Leon County Jail charged with Prohibited Substance/Item in a Correction Facility. Hampton smuggled a cell phone into the county jail. The attorney for Hampton is Stanley Sokolowski.