Cassie Ferguson Named Leon County 4-H Agent

4-H AGENT -- Buffalo’s Cassie Ferguson is welcomed by the Leon Commissioners Court as the new Leon County 4-H Agent. Ferguson will take over the position in January 2019.

Leon County Commissioners met Friday, October 12th, for their first regular meeting of the month. Commissioner Dean Stanford, who recently plead guilty to a charge of domestic abuse, was not present. Leon County Judge Byron Ryder presided. No mention was made of Stanford?s absence.

A news reporter from KCENTV of Temple was present and, after the court adjourned, asked the judge and other commissioners about Stanford?s absence. The judge and commissioners declined to respond other than to say they did not know why Stanford was not in court.

Judge Ryder introduced Tammie Sanders to the court and audience. Sanders is currently training to become the assistant to the judge. Cassandra Noey, who has been Ryder?s assistant, was elected to serve as District Clerk and will take over those duties in January. Everyone welcomed Sanders.

The court voted to approve Cassie Ferguson for the 4-H position. Ferguson, will begin to take over that office in Leon County on January 2. Laura Petty who currently holds the 4-H position will transfer to the Family Community Health position.

Ferguson is a graduate of Buffalo High School and Texas A&M and she was an active member of the Leon County 4-H program as a student. Ferguson is the daughter of Commissioner David Ferguson and Carolyn Ferguson. Speaking to the court, Ferguson said she was very excited to return home and work for Leon County and to work with her mentors Laura Petty and Wendy Neyland.

Director of Social Services Donna Danford and Nina Mendez were in court to present a report of the recent 2018 Health Fair. Danford said that the fair has increased in the number of participants each year. The Fair has also provided free flue shots each year and gave 150 citizens a flu shot this year. ?We plan to increase that number for the 2019 Health Fair,? said Danford.

Approval was given for a Preliminary Platt from Circle T Reality as presented by Relator Steve Torno.

Approval was given on the $2,000 bid from Brandon Tomlinson and Jessica Widener for Lot 7, Block 3, Hilltop Lakes Subdivision Section 60.

Two bids in the amount of $750 each were approved from John Lagravier for Lot 1, Block 1, and for Lot 3, Block 1, Hilltop Lakes Subdivision, Section 103.

The appointment of Gary Morrow to the Northeast Leon County Emergency Service District (ESD4) was approved.

The court approved the 2018-2019 Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax Receipt Agreement Policy. This is an agreement from the city of Centerville for funds the city will provide the Expo Center each year.

The agenda item to adopt the Accounts Payable Policy was tabled as was the agenda item to discuss and possibly approve the Personnel Policy changes.

Approval was voted to leave the current new hire salary at $27,500.

The third quarter investment report was approved.

Approval was given on the FY 2019 Formula Grant Program Resolution.

Approval was given on a request from Ferguson to purchase a mower for Precinct 2.

Ferguson commented on the recent Veterans? Appreciation Day that was held at the Expo. ?It was a great program. There was a good turn out and everyone enjoyed seeing the Calvary perform. The program is a good opportunity to show respect and support for those who serve our country,? said Ferguson.