Sittin' Under the Oak Tree 10-9-18

Several years ago, (my five sons were still at home), a lady from Georgia sent me this poem. She related that a family member read our paper and then sent it on to her. She was very impressed that we ?took? our five sons to church instead of dropping them off. (Over a number of years, she sent me several marvelous writings that she came across. This is one of her ?shares?.)

***My note: My Sweetheart lives with God now and I miss him every minute of the day. I am thankful that we did take them to Church; the results are amazing. We both, along with some of our sons were ordained to preach the gospel, and one has been ?Volunteer Chaplain of the Texas Prison System? not once, but twice. Blessed? More than words can say! I AM One Blessed Mom!

Daddy Had A Little Boy

Author Unknown

Daddy had a little boy,

His soul was white as snow;

He never went to Sunday School,

?Cause Daddy wouldn?t go.

He never heard the Word of God,

That thrills the childish mind?

While other children went to class,

This child was left behind.

As he grew from babe to youth,

Dad saw to his dismay?

A soul that once was snowy white,

Became a dingy gray.

Dad even started back to Church,

And to Bible Study, too?

He begged the Pastor, ?Isn?t there?

Just something? that you can do??

The Preacher tried and tried, and said,

?We?re just too far behind.

I tried to tell you years ago,

But, you would pay no mind.?

And another soul was lost,

That once was white as snow;

Sunday School would have helped,

But Daddy just wouldn?t go!