Stampede BBQ Cook Off Winners

BUFFALO STAMPEDE WINNERS -- Ron Murphy (third from left) and David Chandler (far right).

The BBQ Cook Off, a product of the Buffalo Stampede, was held Saturday, September 8th at the Tri-County Horseshoe Arena. Due to conditions and situations not under the control of the Stampede, there were only two contestants who participated.

David Chandler of Rusk was declared Grand Champion and was awarded with a trophy and prize money. And Ron Murphy of Buffalo took the trophy and prize money for Reserved Champion. Congratulations to both and to their supporters.

The BBQ Coordinator in a neighboring town, scheduled a contest for the same date as the Buffalo Stampede Cook Off. Scheduling a second Cook Off Contest within a one hour?s drive from an already scheduled event, is against the rules and regulations of the Lone Star Barbeque Society that awards points to contest winners to qualify them for the annual state cook off contest. The offending contest coordinator has been sanctioned for this occurrence.

The contest at the second location which scheduled after the Buffalo Cook Off was on the books, offered higher cash prices than Buffalo was able to award. As a result, several of the contestants who had signed up for the Buffalo Cook Off, participated at the second scheduled location instead.

Asked for his reaction to the turn of events which kept the Buffalo Cook Off from being larger, Buffalo Chamber of Commerce President Phillip Bounds said, ?I better not describe how I feel about it.?

Small turn out as it was, all present, including the tasters, enjoyed the day, the cooking, and visiting with one another. The tasting judges were Nathan Hoepken, John Golden, Carol Fuller, Theresa Clud, Fred Khoury, and Susan Wilder. BBQ Coordinator for the Buffalo Cook Off was Deborah Chandler.