Leon County 4-H Hands Out Awards

2018-2019 LEON COUNTY 4-H OFFICERS -- The 2018-2019 Leon County 4-H Officers are President Nathan Barrett, Vice President Zoie Stevens, Secretary Megan Green, Treasurer Annika Stevens, Recreation Chair Maddox Johnson, Health and Safety Aurora Moran.

The Leon County 4-H program honored numerous members, adult volunteers, and supporters at their annual 4-H Awards Banquet on July 30th in Centerville. Special thanks to Zoie Stevens for the Leon County 4-H Highlights Photo Presentation.

Nathan Barrett, Normangee 4-H member and 2018-19 Leon County 4-H Council President, served as the master of ceremonies and welcomed everyone to the event. Following an invocation, provided by Cole Rappolee with Centerville 4-H, everyone enjoyed the dinner, prepared by 4-H members and volunteers. To begin the program, Emma Adams (Buffalo 4-H), Cole Rappolee (Centerville 4-H) and Grace Hull (Leon 4-H) presented the flags, John Landry of Normangee 4-H sang the National Anthem, and Makayla Gilliam with Buffalo 4-H led the US Pledge, Texas Pledge, and 4-H Motto and Pledge. Nathan then introduced special guests.

Annika Stevens Oakwood 4-H presented year pins to recognize 4-H?ers for completing this year in 4-H. Megan Green with Normangee 4-H then announced the 4-H shooting sports awards, which included belt buckles. 4-H recordbook awards were presented by Maddox Johnson, Centerville 4-H member. Awards included project pins, 4-H patch and TSC gift cards. Aurora Moran of Leon 4-H and Megan Green of Normangee 4-H recognized the ?Beyond:? award winners - those who had participated in district and state 4-H contests and activities. These 4-H?ers received a custom imprinted power bank and electronics travel case. Maddox Johnson of Centerville 4-H then recognized Council officers and Club Managers, presenting them with custom imprinted messager bags. All 4-H adult volunteers were also honored with custom imprinted power banks and reusable grocery totes.

Zoie Stevens then presented the Friend of 4-H Award to Citizens State Bank and Buffalo Tank. These businesses were honored for their tremendous support for Leon County 4-H.

The highlight of the evening came with the presentation of the 4-H Star Awards, which are the highest awards that Leon County 4-H members can receive. Applicants for these awards are required to turn in a completed 4-H record book, and older 4-H?ers also participate in an interview with a panel of volunteer judges. Recipients must meet determined criteria in the areas of leadership, community involvement, and overall active 4-H involvement. The 4-H Rookie Award went to Jalie Stanton of Buffalo 4-H. Jalie is the 9 year old daughter of Allen and Wendy Stanton. Centerville 4-H member Quannah Dudley was presented the 4-H Bronze Star Award. Quannah is the 11 year old son of Randy and Cara Dudley. The Silver Star went to James Bodine, Centerville 4-H member and 14 year old son of Bo and Donna Bodine. Victoria Landry and Annika Stevens received the Gold Star Awards. Victoria, Normangee 4-H member, is the 17 year old daughter of Virgil & Stacey Landry. Annika is the 15 year old daughter of Joe and Kandace Stevens, and is a member of Oakwood 4-H. All recipients received a belt buckle. Annika was also honored with the Courage to Change Award, named in honor of Mr. Dick Wallrath. Receiving the 4-H Leadership Award was Nathan Barrett, the 16 year old son of Brad and Jana Barrett of Normangee. Annika received a custom printed garment bag, and Nathan was presented an etched stainless steel cup.

4-H is the youth development program of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service. For more information about 4-H, contact the Extension office at 903-536-2531 or visit the Leon County 4-H blog at http://leontx4-h.blogspot.com/. An awards slide show is also available at this site.