Sharon Copeland Retires After 35 Years

SHARON & HER BOYS -- Sharon Copeland is all smiles as she is surrounded by current co-workers. Copeland is retiring from Oncor after 35 years. A retirement party was held for her on Tuesday, July 31st.

After 35 years working for Oncor, Sharon Copeland has finally retired. Many of her co-workers, family, and all three of her managers came to celebrate her retirement last Tuesday, July 31st, at a reception in Palestine.

She just moved down the street from her old job at the City Hall on Friday afternoon and started at Texas Power and Light on Monday morning in March 1983. She loved working at the city and having interaction with customers, but this new job offered more benefits for Sharon and her family, along with the same customers she had known for years. Her manager for the Buffalo and Crockett offices was Charles Hill.

In 1992, the company was making changes, and closing local offices, but Sharon was transferred to the Palestine office without even an interview after good references from Mr. Hill. She has worked for the Transmission division as an administrative assistant. She has missed the customers, but has enjoyed the folks she has worked with over the many years. Her first Manager at Palestine ? Alvin May- retired in 1999, and Sharon has worked for Alfred Thompson all these years since then.

Her job has been quite different than the Buffalo TP&L ? she has even been certified as a forklift operator ? the names have changed over the years from TP&L ? to TU Electric ? to TXU ? to TXU Electric ? to Oncor ? back to TXU ? and then after being separated from TXU Energy and Luminant Power back to Oncor Electric Delivery.

She has enjoyed the many co-workers in her office and throughout the company since she began working for TP&L at age 27.

Sharon is the daughter of the late Louis Webb and Shirley Carmichael of Buffalo.