Commissioners Court Decisions

All four Leon County Commissioners were present for their last regular meeting of the month. Leon County Judge Byron Ryder presided.

Judge Ryder reminded the court and audience of the meeting that will be held by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) on August 27th at 6pm. It will be held in the Old Courtroom upstairs at the Centerville Courthouse. Representatives from the High Speed Rail are expected to be there as well as persons from Texans Against the High Speed Rail.

The meeting is open to the public and an opportunity to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages Leon County citizens can expect if the High Speed Rail is permitted to come through the county.

Veterans? Services Officer Tom Nolan reported to the court on his recent completion of studies. Nolan is now a Certified Veterans? Services Officer and can do more for the veterans here in the county, saving veterans from having to leave the county for certain assistance. Nolan advised the court of his need for a computer program that will help him help the vets.

The commissioners and the judge thanked Nolan for his dedication to the veterans. The Veterans? Day Appreciation is set for the last Saturday in September and will be held at the Expo Center.

Judge Ryder introduced Linda Richardson to the court. Richardson is the new Human Resource Administrator for the county.

Emergency Services Administrator Jimmy Carrigan reported on a follow up to the Red Cross? offer to train volunteers in Leon County to open, operate, and close a shelter in the event of a disaster. Red Cross representatives from Bryan presented the idea at a previous Commissioner Court Meeting, and the commissioners asked for more information.

Carrigan reported on the first concern of whether Red Cross would insure the volunteers. Carrigan said Red Cross will provide a supplemental insurance for the volunteers to support their own primary insurance.

Carrigan was not able to find anyone to address the second concern and that was if the county accepted the Red Cross?s offer, would that in anyway interfere with the county applying and receiving funds for a safe house facility if those funds came available in the future. ?No one was able to say ?yes? or ?no?,? said Carrigan. The court voted to allow the Red Cross to train volunteers in Leon County to operate a shelter in the case of an emergency.

Approval was given for the Canvass Results of the July 2018 Oakwood ISD TRE. According to Voter Administrator Donna Golden, the measure passed. There was a 12% voter turnout.

Approval was voted to appoint Michael Price and Carl Ross to ESD #1.

Approval was given for a Memorandum of Understanding between Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Service and Leon County pertaining to information Technology Services.

The court voted to donate $250 to the second annual ?Trout Fishing Clinic? for Kids ages 5-12 that will be held at Fort Boggy State Park. The money will be used to purchase Zepco rod and reels and T-shirts for the participants and also supply fish.

Approval was voted to accept the termination letter regarding the Leon County Sheriff?s Office from the Hilltop POA Board effective September 30th.

Approval was given for the 2019 TXDMV fees for Leon County. The fee is $10.

The renewal of the Interlocal Lease Agreement with Workforce Solutions Brazos Valley was approved. The lease is $500 a month.

The Burn Ban that went into effect July 21st was approved.

The Second Quarter Investment Report was approved.

Approval was made to join the TAC Workers Compensation Alliance Program.

Approval was made to pay TechBundle $10,216 for service at the County and District Attorney Offices.

The donations in the amount of $985 from last month to the Senior Nutrition Services were approved.

The court discussed the need for a new vehicle for the Senior Nutrition Services. The court decided to take bids for a new one, and to repair the old van.

Commissioner Dean Stanford?s request for bids for 2018-2019 Seal Coating Services met with no bids. Stanford requested a rebid.

Stanford reported on progress in Precinct 3 after he was able to sell two old maintainers and purchase a new one. ?About 25 to 30 miles of roadways that were white rock when I took office, have now been paved,? said Stanford. ?So less maintenance is required.? Stanford said that when an employee recently chose to retire, he was not replaced as the work load does not require it at this time.

In Commissioners Open Forum, the topic of trash and the dump sites was again brought up. The judge said that several ideas were being discussed, but as of now there was not a decision and things remain unchanged at the dumps.

?But something needs to be done,? said Commissioner Joey Sullivan. ?As it is, this service is costing the county a lot of money.?