BISD Continues to Prepare For 2018-2019 School Year

BISD Trustees met Monday, July 16th, for their regular monthly meeting. All were present except Trustees Randy Ayers and Bradley Ezell. President Jack Helmcamp presided.

Following a closed session, the board returned to the open meeting, a motion was made to approve the employee compensation plan and retention incentive as recommended. Approval was given by all trustees.

In the public forum, Buffalo citizen Bob Hilliard, described his one day Constitutional Boot Camp program. Hilliard made an offer to the board to present the program to the junior and senior high students. According to Hilliard there is a state law that requires a public school to teach the Constitution though it is not enforced.

?It is something I can do,? said Hilliard. ?There is a need to turn out voters who are not ignorant on the Constitution and how it works.? Members thanked Hilliard for the information and his offer.

Proposals for HVAC were discussed. The board voted to give the bid to Air Plus AC & Heating of Palestine.

BISD Superintendent Lacy Freeman reported on updates and repairs being made on all campuses for the upcoming new school year. At the lower junior high building, the installation of security improvement is almost complete. The entrance to the junior high will have a double set of bullet proof glass doors similar to the entrance at the high school. A person will be given access to the building by an electronic system monitored inside the office.

Approval was given to contract with The Lab for student drug testing services for the 2018-2019 school year. The school has used The Lab, which is based in Tyler, for about ten years.

Approval was given for the State and Federal Grants Procedure Manual for the next year. This is the procedure the school follows in spending the estimated $300,000 in grants it receives each year. Use of the money must be monitored and recorded.

Approval was given to update the bank signature cards on all campuses. Due to changes in staff and administration, the signature cards need updating.

Trustees agreed to a special called meeting to be held August 6th to go over the budget. Another special called meeting is scheduled for August the 20th to adopt the tax rate. This meeting will begin at 5:30pm just prior to the regular meeting for the month that will begin at 6:00pm.