Flo Water Office Burglarized

Mike Mead, President of the Flo Community Water Supply Corporation (FCWSC), at the board?s meeting, reported on a burglary that happened the night of July 18th at the FCWSC office. Property taken included a flat bed trailer, a generator, and various power tools. The estimated loss and damage is just under $10,000.

FCWSC held their regular monthly meeting July 19th. All directors were present except Joe Graves and Doris Pittman. Mead presided.

The board approved an Agreement Proposal to Rodell Water Supply (RWS) as presented by their attorney Patricia Coy. Steve Torno, President of the RWS, was present and accepted the agreement. According to the agreement, RWS will pay FCWSC $85,000 to take over 33 of the meters in RWS.

The cost to RWS for this transfer to FCWSC is to pay for the engineering fees, meters, and administrative and service costs in addition to attorney fees and cost of application fees with the Texas Public Utilities Commission and other fees.

The board discussed a proposal made at the September 2017 to purchase a 500 gallon double wall tank to store fuel for their vehicles at the office site. While all members agreed this would be a positive measure, the item was tabled until a more information can be obtained.

Field Manager Mark Collins reported on three large leaks and water breaks that occurred in the last month. Collins said that other water supply companies in the area are having similar problems with lines breaking due to the extreme heat which can cause the ground to shift.

Collins said the plant on 1618 is almost completed. The Expo Center has had problems with enough water pressure when they have large crowds. FCWSC will put upgrades in place that will help at the Expo, but the Expo may need to install a booster pump to sustain the desired water pressure.

The board approved the budget for FY 2018-2019.

Administrative Manager Lela Patterson reported on her study of software billing programs. The purchase of a new program has already been approved, but the item was tabled until Patterson could conclude her determination for the program that will best suit FCWSC.

Approval was given to renew a CD held at the Citizens State Bank.

Discussion on the need to create a Fiscal Spending Review Committee was tabled for a future meeting.

FCWSC meets on the third Thursday of the month at 3:00 pm at the Steward Memorial Methodist Church in Buffalo.