Welcome Home Daddy!

FAMILY -- Hannah, Drew, Vester, and Addison Fulmer are all smiles as Vester returns home after deployment on Wednesday, July 18th.

Three year old Addison Fulmer and eight month old Drew Fulmer came home last Wednesday, July 18th, to a big package that was from their daddy in Africa. The large package, wrapped in red and white wrapping paper, was in their garage when they got home. What was inside was better than any toy a child could wish for at Christmas. To their surprise, inside the box was their daddy who they had not seen in eight months.

A shocked little girl stood there staring at her daddy as he reached out to pick her up and embrace her. She was speechless. Without saying a word, they embraced each other for several minutes.

Vester then handed off Addison and held his son Drew who he had not held since he was three days old. Drew was just smiling and hugging his daddy.

Both Addison and Drew were wearing shirts that read, ?Outta my way, I get my Daddy back today.?

?I gave my daddy a big hug and kiss. He?s all done now,? Addison said on Friday with a big smile on her face after getting to spend some time with her daddy. ?I?m ready to go to the trampoline park, camping, and fishing with my daddy now. I missed him so much.?

Vester Fulmer left his wife, Hannah, who was six months pregnant and his two year old daughter on August 15, 2017 for El Paso where he underwent pre-mobilization training. He was able to get a three day pass for when his son was born. He returned to Waco on November 5th. Hannah had Drew on November 6th. Drew was released from the hospital on November 8th and Vester had to return to El Paso until his deployment to Djibouti, Africa on November 14th. Vester remained in Africa until July 3rd. When he returned to the state, he had to go through de-mobilization training before getting to come home to Buffalo on July 18th.

A few events he missed while he was gone were Thanksgiving, Christmas, and his daughter?s third birthday on May 6th.

?It was tough not having him here with us,? Hannah said. ?Addison was always asking where her daddy was and telling me how much she missed him.?

One of Vester?s proud moments in Africa was when he earned his Expert Infantry Badge. After two weeks of intense training from sunrise to sunset, test week comes. Individuals must complete 30 tasks with 100% accuracy step by step. Once completing the tasks, the individual then must complete a 12 mile forced ruck march with a 35 pound backpack on their back within three hours. There is only an 8% pass rate for this test.

Vester joined the Texas Army National Guard his junior year of high school. He is now a Specialist in Delta Company 3-144 Infantry Battalion.

?It is a family tradition to serve in the military,? Fulmer said. ?I just wanted to follow in their footsteps.?

Vester and Hannah are both 2013 graduates of Buffalo High School.

?It was an experience for sure,? Vester said. ?I am so glad to be home with my wife and children now. I have missed so much in the past 11 months.?