From the Desk of Judge Ryder

Judge Byron Ryder

Primary elections are behind us and we are moving to the General Elections in November. Be sure you get to know all the candidates you possibly can that are on the ballot and do research yourself, do not just depend on the news media and face book for all your answers. This state and national election cycle is very important and we need to be informed voters.

Budget preparation for the 2018-2019 year has started and is going very well. All of your elected officials have been very diligent in preparing their budget requests and trying to cut wherever they can. Through the years we have worked very hard to create a budget that is workable for the overall county operation. We welcome you attend any and all of our of budget meetings. They are all posted on the Leon County Website or just call my office for dates and times.

The next State Legislative Session is very important to our County Government. We cannot stand any more unfunded mandates and struggle to make proper appropriations for the ones already in place. Examples of unfunded mandates are indigent defense, indigent health care, and housing state prisoners with no reimbursement to name just a few. We are already engaging with our legislature members and lobbying groups. Again you need to stay informed and find out the voting record of our members in Austin and Washington.

Much work has been done, and will continue to be done to fight the High Speed Rail. Again, you need to watch the papers and attend any meetings in our area and stay informed. Recently there was a very productive meeting in Washington and because of those contacts made, there will be a Public Meeting in our Historic Courthouse on Monday, August 27 at 6:00 pm presented by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Please make every effort to attend. We cannot become lax in our efforts.

Please let all of your elected officials know if we can be of service to you. We all work for you and try to make things better for all of our citizens. It is an honor and privilege to work and live in Leon County. Remember my door is always open and I love to hear from you with positive suggestions and solutions for Leon County.