Flo News 7-10-18

Flo Com Centers Business meeting - we discussed several topics. One was the Turkey Shoot we have each November. From now until then, we sell tickets for a Remington Shot gun. The drawing is the Nov. 10th at turkey shoot. Last year, Pat E. Williams won the gun. She came a few minutes prior to drawing someone said that was strange. They did not know, she purchased tickets several times. She came to stampede when Margie Moore and I had a space for Center and she purchased several tickets then. The turkey shoot is coordinated by Reagan Horn, Linda and family. The funds from this event pays the center?s two insurance policies each year which is not cheap.

The Lone Star Reunion on May 26th was well attended and everyone seemed to enjoy visiting. Eva Williams had all of her children there. George, Mike, Malcom, Mary K Williams and Glenda Moreland. One hundred five registered and some by passed that station. Sara Duncan and I did a head count and estimated over l35. Sarah painted the halls in the building and is now offered to paint the cafeteria area. She is a working lady and we really appreciate her. The hall looks much better. The old building holds many memories for lots of folks. Painting gave it a much needed facelift. Thank you Sarah for all of your work. If we had several workers like you, that would be wonderful.

We are glad to report Mr. James Coker is home and doing well. Leon Moore is much better and they will be back home soon. They appreciated your thoughts and prayers.

For several years, we had auction sales there each year. Billye Copeland was our auctioneer; He was funny and could sell anything which was happened more than once. Those present will remember that one night. Our condolences to the Copeland family. He was well known throughout the county. HIs visitation and funeral brought huge crowds. I graduated with his brother, Haynie Wayne Copeland. We had a good visit at the visitation. He lives in Houston and has for many years. He and his late wife lived in Colorado Springs but she wanted to come back to Texas and where their children and grand children lived, so they made their home in Houston. It is not easy to lose a loved one anytime, but especially difficult when it is sudden and unexpected. Please keep the Copeland family in your prayers.

Hope each one of you had a safe a 4h July holiday. Do you know why we call it Independence day?

The original 13 Colonies that came to America severed ties with Great Britain and the Declaration of Independence was written in 1776. Two signers, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died on July 4th 1826, 50 years after Declaration of Independence was adopted.

An interesting note was the American Indians had their own system of government. One band of pilgrims founded Plymouth Rock in 1602.

Continue to be prayerful for our country and leaders. We have a great nation which was founded on love of god and religious principles.

A parting thought, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale found in the Bible his message of positive thinking teaches people from all walks of life how o live richer, fuller and truly meaningful lives. We have all known people who were always negative and others who looked on the positive side. I think that may a good thing to remember. A negative person would say ?My pond is half empty? and a positive person would say ?My pond is half full already!?