Sittin' Under the Oak Tree 7-10-18

When the month of July gets closer and closer, my prayer life has to ?get a grip? and stay on track. I love the Lord and He makes me able to ?keep the faith? and stay focused in my prayer time. (July 8, 1965 our only daughter was born and went on ?Home?.) If I?m not totally focused, my prayer time can turn into a ?sob-story? and I temporarily lose focus. When the boys were all still at home, I noticed that their prayer times also got ?weepy?, so Mom had to ?get it together?. I never wanted them to think that they were ?less important? than their sister. In the beginning, I didn?t realize that they were hurting too; I was so deep in the grieving process that it took a few days for this ?blessed mom of five awesome sons? to ?wake up and smell the coffee?.

On what would have been her third birthday on earth, they came up a plan for having a birthday party for her and Jesus. What??? ?But Mom, she lives with Jesus now and we have to put His Name on the cake too because she lives with Him and He really is her Father and watches over her ?til we all get there!?

Tears??? Only a boat-load, but it seemed to help the boys and it spoke volumes to me. She would never be sick with all of those childhood things; colds, pneumonia, measles, etc. She was safe with Jesus and didn?t have to go thru all those illnesses that my sons did.

We had moved from Waco to Dallas because I had to be there for a series of treatments while carrying her. She was buried in Waco near some of our relatives. Years ago, Uncle Jess (Durant), with the help of the boys, made Darla Marie a marker and placed it near Dad & and Mother?s (Montie & Liliie Morris). It sits next to my Sweetheart?s and mine. My sons and I are looking forward to a glorious family reunion one day. What a promise!