Commissioners Court Meets

DUMP SITES CONCERNS -- Leon County resident Phillip Daniels speaks on concern at dump sites.

Leon County Commissioners (absent Commissioner Joey Sullivan who was out of town) met Wednesday, June 27th, for their last regular meeting of the month. Leon County Judge Byron Ryder presided.

The topic turned again to disposals at the county dump sites. Leon County resident Phillip Daniels addressed the court in the public comments section of the meeting. Daniels said that he had been concerned about the problem the county has discussed in court recently over abuse of the dump sites.

?I would gladly pay to dump,? said Daniels. ?We need to defer some of the cost the county has for furnishing this service.?

Judge Ryder agreed that the dump sites are an expensive for the county, but there is no plan at this time to change the policy, and the sites remain open to use on certain days without charge. ?We have talked about it for years, but we haven?t decided to change anything.? Other counties have been contacted to determine how they handle their dump sites.

Commissioner David Ferguson said that there is a need to address the problem because, since there is no charge to dump in Leon County, people from other counties are using the Leon County sites which causes most of the problem. The commissioners and the judge thanked Daniels for his suggestions and interest in the matter.

Approval was given for the Lease Agreement for Election Equipment for the upcoming July 14th Oakwood ISD TRE Election.

A discussion was held on plans to fence the Normangee and Oakwood towers. This item was tabled until an agreement can be reached on the type of fence needed.

Approval was given for a Road Use Agreement for Concord Robbins Water Supply for one year.

The judge announced the preliminary budget for 2018-2019 and said it would be on file as of July 3rd. Many changes are expected as this is a preliminary budget.

Mention was made of upcoming activities at the Expo Center. A Fourth of July Rodeo will be held at the Expo, the annual Health Fair will be held the last Tuesday in September, and the Veterans Appreciation Meal will be held in October.

The Ipro Trial Director Software subscription renewal for the District Attorney?s Office was approved.

The Productivity Center?s TCLEDDS software subscription renewal for the Sheriff?s Office was approved. A price increase was noted.

Approval was given to go out for bids to sell old culverts and scrap metal from Precincts 2, 3, and 4.

Approval was given for Road and Bridge Precinct 2 to purchase a 2006 Mack Truck from Road and Bridge Precinct 4.

The request to go out for bids for Seal Coat work on County Roads was approved.