Commissioners Tackle Agenda

Leon County Commissioners met Monday, June 11th, for their first regular meeting of the month. All four commissioners were present. Leon County Judge Byron Ryder presided.

The court held a discussion concerning the proposed 2018 Leon County Appraisal District operation budget. Commissioner Dean Stanford recommended that the item be tabled until more study and input could be gathered for the operation budget. The court voted to table the item.

Judge Ryder commented on the fact that the value of property has been increasing and so taxes are increasing. ?Funding from the state has been reduced, and that is forcing local authorities to come up with the deficit. I am saying people should not blame the county or the city or the school for the increase in our taxes. What it amounts to is an indirect income tax. It?s happening, and it is going to get worse.?

Approval was voted to appoint the Tax Assessor / Collector to calculate the effective and rollback tax rate for the tax year 2018.

A request was heard from Emergency Management to use their truck in the 4th of July Parade to promote Emergency Management and Disaster Readiness. The court took no action on use of the truck in the parade, but did favor the tent and banners that will be placed on the square with information about Emergency Management and Disaster Readiness during the celebration of the 4th of July.

Approval was given for the official canvass and reports for the May 22nd, Primary Runoff Election as presented by Elections Administrator Donna Golden. Of 10,984 voters in the county, only 430 turned out to vote; 51 ballots were cast in the Democratic Primary and 379 were cast in the Republican Primary.

The court discussed collecting bids to construct a fence around the communication towers in Oakwood and Normangee. A grant was received that was used to upgrade the towers but did not allow enough money for the fences. The item was tabled.

Another discussion over the collection of trash at the county dump sites was held. No action was taken. Commissioner Joey Sullivan said he did not foresee changes being made at the dump sites for the average resident. ?Nothing has changed,? said Sullivan, ?except we will no longer let large construction trucks full of trash dump at the sites.?

At the dump sites, it is a matter of what the commercial waste management will allow. Because the dump sites are a free service, some persons from other counties are using Leon County to unload their unwanted items which, at times, have been too much.

Approval was given for a Road Use Agreement for County Road 420 and County Road 490 in Precinct 1 and Precinct 4 for 90 days.

Judge Ryder reported that an alert had been received from the Texans Against the High Speed Rail that surveyors for Texas Central Railroad will be in the area this week. The surveyors are with WSP. Residents are asked to contact the Leon County Sheriff?s Office if surveyors are on properties without the landowner?s permission.

In other High Speed Rail matters, the judge said that Brazos County has recently decided to vote for the High Speed Rail. This was not a unanimous vote by the Brazos County Commissioners. Recently Amtrack and Texas Central Railroad have reached an agreement on connecting lines.

The commissioners of Precinct 2, 3, and 4, requested bids to change out the metal culverts in their precincts. Precinct 1 does not have metal culverts. The request was approved.