City Council Holds Special Meeting

All city council members were present Thursday, May 31st, for a special called meeting and a workshop. Mayor Royce Dawkins presided.

The workshop, held an hour before the meeting began, was to discuss details on city policies concerning, first, the payment of purchases other than the routine bills, and, second, the appointment of members to boards and committees.

City Attorney Jerry Nowlin presented some policies followed by other cities the size of Buffalo and also some larger cities. The city checks are normally signed by the mayor and one other council person. Most agreed that as long as a purchase was within the budget, the mayor should decided if it is allowed. But for larger purchases, the request should be reviewed by the council. The exact dollar amount for council approval is still being considered.

The council agreed that appointments to persons to serve of boards such as the BEDC and HUD should be brought to the city council by the mayor after the head of the board has narrowed the applicants considered for appointment. Nowlin said he would write up the terms of the policies to present for final approval at the next council meeting.

During the special meeting that followed the workshop, the council agreed to the terms of the loan from the Community National Bank to complete the new City Hall / Tourist Center. The city will borrow $300,000. It will be a five year term with early pay off allowed. The funds to pay off the loan will be from the hotel/motel tax fund account. Most of the funds used for the structure have come from the hotel/motel tax fund account.

The board approved the terms of the loan and also approved giving the mayor the authority to sign the promissory note.

The three other items on the agenda were tabled. The budget amendment needed for the new building finances was tabled until the next meeting.

The consideration of reimbursement to an employee who has been using his own vehicle for work because the city?s truck is in need of repair was postponed. All agreed the employee should be reimbursement.

And the consideration to authorize the mayor to approve a lower electric rate per KWH during the contract period if a lower rate is available was tabled.

In council comments, Council Person Dianne Ryder committed that she was glad to see the clean up of some of the vacant lots in the Forest Knoll area. Council Person Dorothy Farmer added that there were still many areas around the city where clean up of vacant properties is needed.

Currently serving on the council besides Ryder and Farmer are Jerrod Jones, Jerry Salazar, Glenn Hightower, and Mayor Dawkins.