Tin Cup Farmacy

TIN CUP FARMACY -- Floral arrangements by Aelish and David Lascoe using fresh flowers and native greenery.

A group of local ladies visited Tin Cup Farmacy, located at the Lavender Sky Ranch on FM 1848, to meet Aelish and David Lascoe and to learn about flower design and arrangements. The event was held Monday, May 7th.

Aelish and David began their business two years ago and currently cultivate their own fresh flowers for their designs. ?We are still learning,? said Aelish, ?but we know more already than we knew last year.?

The pair make gorgeous floral arrangements for weddings and for market. They make dozens of arrangements at a time using their own fresh flowers and some they purchase from a garden market. ?The greenery, though. we never purchase,? said Aelish. ?The greenery just outside our door is abundant and always easy to find.? She used native plants we are all familiar with as background in the arrangement she was demonstrating.

Kathleen and Scott Wilmot (Aelish?s parents) played host to the event that was held outside where the weather could not have been nicer. Kathleen served refreshing drinks while Scott prepared several types of his homemade pizza. Robin Craig provided a truly gorgeous cake she elaborately decorated for the occasion.

Teresa Nix has coordinated the group she calls The Buffalo Gals to help introduce them and their unique talents to interested people in the community. Those involved besides Aelish are Tenaya Lord who specializes in potting and raising succulents; Belle Wilmot who makes homemade soaps and oils; Karen Wheatley who teaches painting and use of the pottery wheel; Kathleen Wilmot teaches painting, Robin Craig teaches interior designs and cake decorating, and Teresa operates The Abiding Place and has recently opened it for retreats, wedding venues, and weekend getaways.

The ladies plan to hold events in the future on Saturdays to give more people a chance to see their work and to further share their talents and interests. To contact Aelish at the Tin Farmacy, send an email to lavenderskyranch.com or call 936.203.1084.