Flo Water Takes Another Step on Adopting RWS

Directors of the Flo Community Water Supply Corporation (FCWSC)met Thursday, May 17th, for their regular monthly procedures. All were present except Director Joe Graves. Administrative Manager Lela Patterson was also absent. President Michael Meade presided.

Much of the meeting was spent hearing from Patricia Coy who is the FCWSC?s attorney and is advising and aiding them with the adoption of 30 or more meters that belong to the Rodell Water System (RWS) owned by Steve Torno. (Another portion of the RWS was taken over by the City of Buffalo. Buffalo supplies the water to the RWS.)

Torno approached the FCWSC about two years ago proposing to give this part of RWS to FCWSC and agreed to pay any legal costs or fees incurred to make the transfer. While FCWSC agreed to adopt the RWS meters, complicated legal issues have slowed the acquisition.

After hearing from Coy, and much discussion, the board voted in agreement to acquire the meters pending a final cost presentation from the attorney. The attorney said she would have that figure at the June meeting.

The board heard a request from member Ed Farias concerning an adjustment on his bill following a large water loss. Farias has owned the 50 acres in the FCWSC community for 40 plus years but resides in Houston. Farias was unaware of the broken pipe on his property until he received a water bill for $2,330.

Farias said FCWSC Office Manager Lela Patterson had been ?an angel? in her help with the matter. The office was able to allow a one third reduction of the bill which Farias appreciated, but he was requesting help with the remaining sum. The board voted to allow an additional credit to Farias?s account in the amount of $200.

The board considered a resubmission of an invoice from Express Electric who made an error in their initial billing. An invoice which should have been $16,400 was submitted to FCWSC for $14,400. The board voted to deny the request for the additional $2,000.

The board voted in favor of of signing the CoBank Loan Documentation for PPO #00024 1618 Deep Water Well and Support Facility.

Field Manager Mark Collins reported that there had been one major leak on FM 1831 that had taken considerable time to locate. The leak was found when field personnel noticed a creek running larger than usual. A check of the creek water found chlorine, and from there the leak was finally discovered.

Collins said that his budget is being ?hammered? by fuel costs and anticipates that the cost will continue to increase. It is estimated that the Flo field vehicles together cover about 300 miles per day. Often when working in the heat, the trucks are left running to allow workers a place to cool off.

Meade suggested that the two new board members find time to have Collins show them the entire FCWSC area and learn an overview of how the water system operates. The new board members are Joshua Mudd and Larry Buchanan.