BEDC Tackles Agenda

Directors of the Buffalo Economic Development Corporation met Wednesday, May 9th, for their Annual Meeting that also doubled as their regular monthly meeting. President Russell Jonas presided.

Pamela O?Neal and Aubrey Wilson, representing the Nucor Friends of Steel, addressed the board on plans to hold their second fund raiser on June 1st and 2nd. The event will be held at the Expo and will feature a Barbeque Cook Off and a performance by Shenandoah.

Last year Friends of Steel hosted a similar event and raised funds which they have distributed back into the community in donations and aids to various needs in Leon County. About 800 people attended the event last year, and it is expected that a greater number may be on hand this year. BEDC approved a donation of $2,016 for the event.

A request from Larry Tatum was heard for funds for the Summer Basketball Tournament. The board approved a donation of $1,000 for the event that will be held July 13th and 14th.

A request for funds from Hat Brand Rodeo for their event on July 4th was tabled. No one from Hat Brand Rodeo was present at the meeting.

The board discussed the upcoming retirement of Executive Director Ken Jones and Secretary Pauline Graham. Jones and Graham have both said they will retire at the end of this year, but will stay until replacements are determined.

The board agreed to discuss further at the next meeting the process that will be taken to fill these two positions.

Those present for the May meeting besides Jonas, Jones, and Graham, were Directors Mike Glick, Susan Wilder, Dianne Ryder, and Larry Tatum.