Planning Board Hosts Public Meeting

Students and staff of the Texas A&M Target Team hosted a public meeting for Buffalo citizens Monday, April 30th, at the Buffalo Civic Center. The purpose of the meeting was for the students to display their ideas for the future development of Buffalo to the public in order to generate ideas and opinions and so tweak the plans to best suit the community.

The project that began in July of 2017 should conclude in the fall of 2018 when the students will be able to present a comprehensive plan to transform Buffalo to a stronger and more attractive city. The target areas of concern have been affordable housing, health, safety, infrastructure, and opportunity for economic growth.

Many other small, rural communities have benefited from having a growth plan in place. The Buffalo City Council agreed that a comprehensive plan was needed and appointed an Advisory Committee to work on the project. The Advisory Committee, led by Council Person Martin Housler, recommended the work of the A&M Target Team and the council approved it.

Buffalo has many positive aspects that a lot of other towns this size do not have. First, and foremost, is the location. Being situated not only on 145, but also the intersection of I45 and Highway 79 brings traffic through the community continuously. Buffalo already has many thriving businesses and more open park spaces than similar towns.

Buffalo will continue to grow. Having this plan in place and using it could help the community grow stronger and become more attractive. Another important aspect of having the plan is that it will increase the eligibility of Buffalo to receive federal and state grants that are available for small communities.

About 30 local citizens attended the meeting and participated in feedback with the students. Everyone present enjoyed a meal from The Pharm. And Martha Jones and Parthena M. Newsom won the door prizes.