Karen Wheatley’s Painting and Pottery

Karen demonstrates use of the pottery wheel.

Artist Karen Wheatley hosted a picnic lunch, tour of her art studio, and a few lessons to friends and interested others Monday, April 9th. The turn out was large and everyone enjoyed the food, looking through Karen?s large collection of art, and learning something about painting and pottery making.

Karen retired from teaching art in the public schools after 23 years of service. Her last 8 years were in Buffalo. Karen continues to keep contact with many of her students and enjoys their successes. When she talks about her ex-students, it is with the same pride one hears a mother talk of their own children.

?I loved being a teacher,? said Karen. ?It was so much fun.? Karen is still a teacher. As she demonstrated the use of the pottery wheel, it was apparent that she likes to share her talent and knowledge. Karen described the technique she used on the wheel and how to handle the clay and to finish a project.

Karen also did a lesson on one of her art styles as she took a blank canvas and paint and created a colorful example. The audience was amazed and interested. Her studio is large with lots of art materials, and Karen hopes to host ?art night? for groups or individuals who are interested in exploring their own creativity.

The weather cooperated so that the guests enjoyed the picnic style lunch outside. Robin Craig did an amazing job with her creations and decorations of cakes. Teneya Lord brought tasty chicken salad and egg salad. Kathleen Wilmot supplied a really different Raspberry Lavender Lemonade that guests loved. And Aelish, from Tin Cup, provided a beautiful flower arrangement from her own flower garden.

Karen has painted all her life. She first took up pottery in college while earning her degree in art. Anyone interested in having an art lesson or lessons from Karen can contact her at 281-844-4101 or by email at livewithkindnesskw8@yahoo.com.

Groups are also welcomed.