New Directors Join Flo Board

Directors of the Flo Community Water Supply Corporation (FCWSC) met Thursday, April 19th for the regular monthly meeting. Just prior to the regular meeting, the board held a Reconstruction of the Board and added two new directors, Joshua Mudd and Larry Buchanan. (Buchanan was not present.)

Mudd said he promised to perform all the duties and keep the regulations of the FCWSC to the best of his ability in order to serve the members of community water service. Mudd is a 1996 graduate of Centerville. He worked for the phone company until he had to take a disability retirement.

The two new directors were added to fill the two vacancies left by Directors Richard Moran and Davis Albert, both of whom had served on the board for several years. Moran and Albert did not run for re-election, so with out a contest, Mudd and Buchanan joined the board.

A nomination was made and approved to elect Michael Meade and Michael Wheeler to serve again as President and Vice President of the board. Director Doris Pittman was nominated and approved to serve as Secretary / Treasurer.

Meade said he was very pleased with the progress the board has made in the past year. ?We have done a lot. Our main function as a board is to see that our employees have the tools and the resources to perform their jobs.? Meade also said that he was pleased that the directors have been a team and worked together smoothly.

Field Manager Mark Collins reported that the Flo plant had been down due to an air compressor. Collins apologized to customers who had air in their lines. At another plant the chlorination system malfunctioned causing the water to have an offensive odor, but the water was never unsafe to consume.

Accounting Manager Lela Patterson reported that the final approval for a loan from Co-bank has been approved. This may be the source of funding for a new well on 1618 when the board is ready to start that project.

The audit report for FY 16-17 by Alton Theile, P.C., was given by Accountant Robert Gaines and approved. In general FCWSC is in good financial condition said Gaines.

A Customer Appreciation Lunch is planned for June 23rd. A barbeque lunch will be served and giveaways will be distributed.