Leon County Jurors Appreciated

Leon District Clerk Beverly Wilson read a resolution and a proclamation to the Leon County Commissioners Court, Monday, April 9th, to thank and honor all the Leon County citizens who have served and will serve on juries. ?Jury duty is important,? said Wilson in part, ?because it helps preserve justice for all citizens.? The court approved the resolution and proclamation.

All commissioners were present for their first regular meeting of the month. Leon County Judge Byron Ryder presided.

Approval was given for the Leon County Sheriff?s Department to receive seized monies totaling $23,468 from the Leon County District Attorney?s Office. Also approved were donations of $1,849 for the Senior Nutrition of Leon County.

The court discussed submitting a request of intent for the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program. The county can apply for funds for several projects that could be approved in this grant. Those discussed were generators, restoration of weak bridges, and an evacuation shelter. Leon County Auditor Melissa Abney suggested that GrantWorks could be employed to write the application. Approval was given for the application of intention.

Judge Ryder and Commissioner David Grimes reported on a recent meeting for those in opposition of the High Speed Rail. The meeting was held at the Ten Mile Church in Madison County. The proposed route for the ?bullet train? would pass through this church. Grimes said that Kyle Workman, spokesperson for Texans Against the High Speed Rail has done a good job in keeping people informed on this issue. ?Workman said that donations are needed. We have lobbyists working against the High Speed Rail, but it takes funds to keep the fight going,? said Grimes.

Commissioner David Ferguson reported that there was a large turnout for a recent roping competition held at the Expo Center. This event was previously known as the George Strait Roping Classic, but Strait is no longer involved with it. Ferguson said the event donated the roping shoots to the Expo that they installed for the competition and booked again to use the facility next year.

The court approved the request from St. Leo?s Catholic Church to use the Centerville Square on May 31st, at 7:00 pm.

Approval was given to extend County Road 242 in Precinct 2 by 1,000 feet.

The agenda item to discuss the Southern Health Partners Contract was tabled.

The bids for communication equipment was discussed. The item was tabled and a request will be made for Blair Communication, Inc., to attend the next court meeting. Blair was the lowest of four bidders.