Family Matters 4-17-18

Millions get married every day expecting to live happily ever after. However, saying the vows during the ceremony is the easy part. We all know it takes much more than a beautiful ceremony or a marriage certificate to keep a couple together. Difficulties and differences can show up very soon after that ceremony is over and the vows are spoken.

The percentage rate for divorce in our country seems astounding, but it is possible to stay together even during this day and time. Marriage is a relationship process. It takes a lot of time, hard work, communication, loving, listening, caring, and forgiving. Mostly it takes just sticking to it through the better or worse part, like the vows we made on the wedding day.

There are no perfect marriages, because there are no perfect people. In a marriage we tend to want the other person to be, and respond exactly as we need them to. However, if we want to improve our relationship the best place to start is looking within ourself. We may need to look at what WE need to change. SOMEBODYhas to be the one willing to start making the changes necessary to improve the relationship. It might just be us.