Commissioners Tackle Agenda

COMMISSIONERS COURT -- Dep. Amy Kaiser, Joey Sullivan Pct. 1, David Ferguson Pct. 2, Honorable Judge Byron Ryder, Dean Stanford Pct. 3 and David Grimes Pct. 4.

Judge Byron Ryder, Joey Sullivan, Pct. 1, David Ferguson, Pct. 2, Dean Stanford, Pct. 3 and David Grimes, Pct. 4 began the bi-monthly Commissioner?s Court with clarifying and signing of various invoices. The open agenda began with prayer and pledges where everyone in attendance respectfully stood, hats off, hands over hearts reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States and ending with the pledge of allegiance to the Texas state flag.

The previous meeting minutes and payroll to be issues were approved, and with no public comments, the regular agenda began. Donna Golden sited the official canvass and reports of the March 6th, 2018 primary election, the City/School Election Lease Agreements, and the revised polling consolidation for the May 22, 2018 Primary Runoff Election, all were approved.

Melissa Abney, speaking for Robin Shafer (absent) discussed the renewal of the annual website hosting agreement with Pritchard & Abbott, Inc. siting no changes to the previous contract price. She also brought to mention that the software and hardware annual contract of the Leon County Tax Office, also with Pritchard & Abbott, Inc. had an increase, but that the funds would be covered by another line item. These items were approved.

Joey Sullivan, Pct. 1 requested site-specific drawings for the proposed pipeline agreement with Grand Prix Pipeline, LLC. Representative Clayton Nichols, Permit Specialist with Coats Field Services, Inc. assured the members that site-specific maps/drawings detailing angles and other specific details would be provided at the pre-construction meeting. He further assured that he would be present and available during construction, as he has been assigned the project. This motion was approved subject these provisions. Contractor bids are out now, and contractors will be invited to attend the pre-construction meeting with a ?soft start? of June 1, per Nichols.

Next on the agenda was the possibility of submitting a request for intent to seek approval for the HMGP (Hazard Mitigation Grant Program) for various generator, communication equipment and drainage structures such as culverts and header walls. As a precursor to the actual grant application, Jimmy Carrington and Melissa Abney will co-write the request of intent, siting items from the approved general list, and present their findings at the next Commissioner?s Court meeting held in April.

Spokesman Shawn Mock, RWA of Cross Texas Transmission presented a check for $50,000.00 for damages caused to county roadways in Precinct 4, this action was approved.

Communications Supervisor, April Ehler, discussed the annual contract for Leon County Officials Active 911App, first siting the correction to the agenda which states ?personnel?. Then proposing, and subsequent approval of, the annual contract fee expenditure be drawn from the Sherriff?s Justice Center Communication line item.

Legacy Reserves Freestone of Buffalo issued a greatly appreciated $500.00 donation to the Leon County Sherriff?s Reserve Fund.

The meeting closed with the announcement of the upcoming Leon County Expo Lone Star Open Team Roping, formerly the George Strait event, now hosted by the Pate Brothers on March 30th through April 1st and the April 7th ? 8th Randy Bumpers Memorial Hog Hunt. As a side note, the Leon County Youth Livestock Show will be held April 8th ? 20th and they will close the month with the Cowgirls for Christ April 27th ? 29th. The meeting was then adjourned