Author: Darla Williams

Author Darla Williams with her book, Casey’s Adventure.

Buffalo?s own, Darla Williams, recently realized ?a dream come true? when she saw the first copies of her book, Casey?s Adventure. ?It was just amazing to me,? said Darla, ?there was my book just as I had designed it, just as I wrote it! It had been in my head, and now it was finally a book!? Armed with hard cover copies as well as soft cover copies, Darla took time out of her busy schedule to sit for an interview about her new adventure into the world of publishing.

Casey?s Adventure is a book for children in the range of 4 years to 10 years. Besides being a good story, the book is fully illustrated by drawings done completely by Darla. Darla said she designed the vivid pages using colored pencils. ?And the publisher,? said Darla, ?did not change a thing of what I submitted. The book is completely, 100% my work.? And it is easy to see why no changes were needed.

Darla said that she has always wanted to be a writer. ?Even before I had learned to write,? she explained, ?I would scribble lines on pages of paper and ask my mother to ?read? my stories.? Darla?s mother encouraged her to write, but the idea to actually publish a book was inspired by her nieces and nephews.

?I was the family story teller,? said Darla. ?I have lots of nieces and nephews, and they liked to hear the stories I made up for them. After I finally wrote down the story about my character Casey, who is a caterpillar, they convinced me to draw the pictures for it. And they became my first test market.?

Besides writing, Darla is a talented artist and painter. She also makes jewelry, and she has begun taking some of her work to flea markets and other venues to get more exposure for her creations. Now she has a really attractive book to add to her accomplishments.

?What I have been surprised with from the people who have bought copies of my book for their children,? said Darla, ?is that the adults like the story as much as their kids do. And that makes me feel good about the book as well.?

Darla said the story of Casey, that came to her when she noticed a caterpillar crawling across her porch one day, is about going through dark times, but learning that there is a light and there is abundant restoration available if one will keep striving for it.

Darla allowed that her own life has had some dark periods, but now she looks forward to the tomorrows and the adventures still to come. ?This has truly been the best moments of my life. A time for my own accomplishment.? Recently, Darla?s son, who is now grown, told her how proud he was of her for seeing out her idea to publish a book. ?It is so nice to hear those words from your son,? said Darla.

Darla has lived in Buffalo for three years. She has worked at Brookshire Brothers for two years and most of the readers will recognize her from seeing her friendly smile there. ?I had to work a lot of hours to be able to afford having the book published.?

April 7th there will be a book signing for Casey?s Adventure at The Horse?s Mouth from 3pm to 6pm. Darla will be on hand to talk about her book and to sign copies. Darla said she has more ideas and plans for future books. No doubt more is to come with all the talent and energy Darla has for her work. Buffalo is proud of you, Darla Williams!