BISD Board Prepares For 18-19 School Year

POWERLIFITNG -- Hector Dominguez, Jesus ‘Zus’ Garcia, Benito Rivas and Coach Evan Stone with son Logan.

Trustees of the Buffalo School Board gathered Monday, March 26th, for their regular monthly meeting. All trustees were present, and President Jennifer Humphries presided.

During the open session, Coach Evan Stone recognized Powerlifters Benito Rivas, Jesus ?Zus? Garcia, Logan Shaw (not present) and Hector Dominguez for making Team Regionals. It was also noted that Hector took State in his class. When asked what his next goal was, Hector replied, ?breaking the current record, held by my brother, Jose Dominguez.?

Melonie Menefee congratulated Nadia Garcia and Colby Menefee for making CX Debate 3-A Quarter Finalists, noting that Colby also took 4th in State as Speaker.

Melissa Isaacs recognized the following students in the Region IV Competition Awards: 1st Place ? Sports Nutrition, Iveth Molina and Lupita Martinez, 2nd Place ? Food Innovations Jr, Jenny Dominguez, DayaniCompean and Betsy Martinez, 2nd Place ? Career Investigation, Emma Reeder, 2nd Place ? National Programs in Action, Lasundra Robinson, Maggie Medina and ItzyValasquez, 2nd Place ? Interpersonal Communication, Yomele Almeida, and Lindsey Gonzalez, 4th Place ? Food Innovations, Sr, James Rodell and Jarrett Fishbeck, 4t Place ? Chapter in Review, Sonia Dominquez, Vanessa Rodriguez and Jennifer Dominquez and Participant ? Life Event Planning, Dylan Cornish.

Issacs went on to recognize 2018-2019 Region IV Officers, Makayla Gilliam, Vice President of Competitive and Callie Harter, Vice President of Records. She announced FCCLA Scholarship recipient, Chelsea Harter, 2016-2018 Region IV Officer, Chapter President and Senior, of the coveted C.J. Davidson Foundation award. The National Programs in Action Team were awarded a TxDOT Grant of $750.00 to offset expenses to the State Conference.

Mr. Greg Kennedy reported that Buffalo Jr High pulled a strong record of 96.3, siting 223 students in attendance. When staff and students were asked what they liked most about their experiences, the consensus is that the students are awesome, the staff is committed, the environment is positive and as stated by many who were asked, the food is really good.

Mr. Lacy Freeman reported proposed measures to ensure the safety of the students on all BISD campuses, to include tightened security, modified access and the presence of local law enforcement officers in and around campuses. The faculty is also working towards adopting a Standard Response Protocol (SRP), in which all campuses adopt a standardized system of signage and verbal commands in the event of an emergency. The Raptor system has be implemented on all campuses which requires all visitors to check in, submit and surrender their driver?s license for the duration of their visit. During this time, their information is entered into multiple offenders? data bases. Visitors are then allowed access, based on the results of the data base search. To further their efforts, the Board is accepting bids for additional security improvements.

It was sited that the districts transportation needs were being handled by the current fleet. The Board is working toward getting the Casey Ag Building project fully funded. They are also looking to address the erosion issues of FM 164 and the backroads on campuses and that Mr. Wilson is working hard to keep the fields looking good.

Administration recommendations and board considerations included possible action to approve the budget amendment regarding Action for Healthy Kids, the TEKS instructional materials, policy update 110 regarding local BBB elections, and lastly, nominating Mr. Lacy G. Freeman as Superintendent of the Year.

The board entered executive session at 7:08 pm and returned at 9:39 pm. The board hired Tina Rayborn and Katie Hobbs for the 2018-2019 school year on a one year probationary contract. They approved to employ teachers as presented for the 2018-2019 school year at the high school, upper and lower junior high and the elementary schools. During closed session, there was no action taken on safety improvements.The board did however accept the retirement of Tracy Gleghorn who has been with BISD for the past 10 years. Also retiring are Johnnie Brogdon and Rebecca Richardson. The board also accepted the resignations of Ashley Smith and Laci Snow. The meeting adjourned at 9:43pm.