Frustrations Expressed at City Council

Members of the Buffalo City Council met Monday, March 26th, for their regular monthly meeting. All were present except Council Member Dianne Ryder. Buffalo Mayor Royce Dawkins presided.

In the public comments section of the meeting, Phillip Bounds, President of the Buffalo Chamber of Commerce, expressed his frustration at not having his request for funds from the Hotel/Motel Tax Fund to help finance the 2018 Buffalo Stampede on the March agenda. ?I presented the city with a request for Hotel/Motel Tax Fund monies,? said Bounds, ?and asked to be put on this agenda, but I was not put on it. I am on hold, and I need to be able to move forward with plans.?

Mayor Dawkins said that he had not said that the item would be on the March agenda. ?I have to have a committee in place to review the request. I said the item would have to wait.?

Council Member Martin Housler began the discussion on four agenda items concerning overall policy and procedure that the city uses for Accounts Payable; the Appointment and Approval of Persons for Committees, Boards, Commissions, Staff, Agency, or Council; Budget Adjustments; and Agenda Implementation. ?From what I have learned from other cities,? said Housler, ?is that we can decide our own policy and procedure, but we should have a policy and procedure in place and use it.?

Members agreed. The items were tabled and a date and time set to hold a workshop to determine policies and procedures. The workshop was set for April 16th at 5:30pm.

The council approved the notice of a General Election to be held May 5th to elect three city council members. The positions coming up for election are the ones held by Dorothy Farmer, Glenn Hightower, and Martin Housler. Persons also running for the city positions are Jerrod Jones, Mike Glick, and Teresa Hodge.

April 26th and April 30th were set for Early Voting. The early voting will be held at the city hall.

The board approved the final report of the Tri-County Horseshoe Willie Rutledge Classic that was held March 2nd and 3rd.

The board approved the 2018 Atmos Cities Steering Committee Membership and Invoice, and also the 2018 Oncor Cities Steering Committee Membership and Invoices.

According to the Police Department report, there were 75 calls for service last month including 2 Violations of Protective Orders, 1 Assault to a Public Servant, 1 Resisting Arrest or Transport, 1 Interfering with Duties of a Public Servant, 1 Hit and Run, 4 Alarms, and 4 Accidents. The officers are still walking the schools each day and doing several drive by patrols.

Council Member Jerry Salazar questioned the safety of workers constructing the new city hall. Salazar said he observed workers that were barefoot trying to install sheets of the metal roof during gusts of strong wind. The mayor said he would address the concern.

Mayor Dawkins reported that the city has received a letter of congratulations from the General Land Office in Austin. ?Buffalo has been awarded a grant for $923,000.? said Dawkins. The money is to correct problems of flooding on several streets near the Buffalo Housing Authority.

The mayor also mentioned the letter the city received from TCEQ. The water control agency ran an investigation on the Buffalo Water System last month and determined that there were no violations. ?We test our water supply every month,? said Dawkins. ?We knew there were no problems.?