Buffalo Advisory Team Meets

ADVISORY COMMITTEE -- Members of the Texas A&M Target Team and the Buffalo Advisory Committee meeting in Buffalo.

A Members of the Buffalo Advisory Committee, appointed by the Buffalo City Council, met Thursday, February 8th, with members of the Texas A&M team of students and graduate students. The students are part of the Texas Target Team who develop plans for growth for rural towns interested in urban development.

The group started in the summer of 2017 looking at various aspects of Buffalo and collectting information from the Advisory Committee as well as other members of the public to develop a plan for Buffalo?s future growth. Even though no one on the committee wants to loose the small town feel of the city, all agree that, because of its location, Buffalo is destined to grow. With a plan in place, the city has a chance to direct that growth rather than let growth haphazardly take over the city.

The topic for this recent meeting was transportation. The students listened to needs and ideas for locations of possible neighborhoods and ideas on how to relieve traffic issues. Students will take the input and develop suggestions that the Advisory Committee, and later the public, can review for additional inputs and ideas. The final plan should be presented to the City Council in the summer of 2019.