Buffalo School Board Meets

Members of the Buffalo School Board met Monday, January 22nd, for their regular monthly meeting. All members were present except Trustee Pat Bell. President Jennifer Humphries presided.

An election for positions on the school board is set for May 5th. The positions coming up for renewal are the ones currently held by Humphries and Bell. The deadline for getting a name on the ballot for the election is February 16th.

Following a closed session, the board returned to the open forum and approved the Superintendent Contract.

Dr. Georgeanna Adams-Molina gave an academic report. Adams-Molina described the administration?s work on designing their own curriculum.

The board voted to approve the Order to Call for the Trustee Election and to approve an Early Voting Clerk, Election Judge and Alternates. Also approved was the agreement for a joint polling place with the City of Buffalo.

Approval was given for the Staff Development minutes waiver for the 2018 ? 2019 school calendar.

Total student enrollment is currently 952.