Commissioners Meet

Leon County Commissioners met Monday, January 8th, for their first regular session of the year. All were present except Commissioner David Grimes who has the flu. Leon County Judge Byron Ryder, who presided over the meeting, said that, currently, East Texas is the number one infected area in the nation for the flu virus.

The court voted approval to update all the Interlocal Agreements with the cities and fire departments and also the schools. This agreement allows the various cities and fire departments including ones in Teague and Fairfield to aid each other in case of need.

Approval was given to secure liability for the District Attorney, District Judges, and Law Enforcement Officers. The cost for the insurance is $1,516.00 annually.

A bid of $751.00 from Mona Rice for Lot 28, Block 10, Hilltop Lakes, Section 2 was approved.

Two road use agreements were approved for Precinct 1 on County Road 231 and on County Road 231.

Judge Ryder said that the environmental impact study for the High Speed Rail has been completed and released. It is a 10,000 page document. There will be a meeting of the High Speed Rail held at the Leon County School from 5pm ? 9pm on January 30th. Interested citizens should attend. The proposed rail site is planned to pass through the west side of Leon County between Leon High School and the VFW Building on Highway 79.

The Sheriff?s Department was approved to accept a reimbursement of $2,834. from the Southern Health Department. The funds will be added back to the Sheriff?s Health Budget.

One hundred unused blankets from the U.S. Government Surplus in Fort Worth will be donated to Leon County and will be distributed to elderly persons in need. Emergency Manager Jim Carrigan will drive to Fort Worth to pick up the blankets.

The DPS Office donated a work table, a tv, and a desk to the county. The work table is being used in the maintenance department, the tv, which is operable, will be sold on an auction site, and the desk is being used in a county department.