Meet Kathleen & Scott Wilmot Of Lavender Sky Ranch

HOMEMADE PIZZA -- Fresh homemade pizza from the oven of Scott Wilmot is hard to beat.

Scott and Kathleen (Katita) Wilmot hosted a group of area ladies at their new, red barndominium located about 5 miles from Buffalo on FM 1848. Scott, an avid and talented cook, treated his guests to fresh homemade pizzas cooked in his outside wood burning pizza stove. Katita displayed her art work and artwork of her friends and gave those in attendance ideas on getting started with oil painting on canvas.

The Wilmots purchased their property in Buffalo a couple of years ago with plans to build here after their home in Conroe sold. The house was slow to sell, so Scott and Katita began to build anyway; then, suddenly, the house did sell, and the couple had to move into a tiny travel trailer where they lived on their property in Buffalo while their barndominium was being constructed. They were able to move into their new home in March 2017.

?For months while we waited to be able to move into the new barndominium,? said Scott, ?we cooked our meals on an open fire under a large tree behind the house.? Katita said that what they enjoyed most about their place was the beautiful sunsets which led to their naming their new home Lavender Sky Ranch.

Scott, who retired from Exxon after 33 years of service, said that he has always enjoyed cooking. He especially likes cooking outside on wood fires. Besides the pizza oven, he also has a full size conventional oven outside where he prepares additional meals. The pizza oven, which cooks fast at 700 degrees, can be used for other foods like breads and roasting chickens and other meats.

On Monday, Scott used fresh pizza crust he had prepared ahead, added his own sauces and combined different ingredients. The first pizza was mozzarella, olive oil, and pear. Then he made a veggie pizza with spinach, and a couple of pizzas with pepperoni. Everything out of his oven disappeared fast among those present who agreed it was the best pizza they had ever had.

Joshua Nix supplied the gathering with two varieties of his craft beer which was also enjoyed. Nix had made a wheat beer and a pale ale.

Speaking about her artwork, Katita said she was new to painting with oils and had only been at it for a couple of years. ?I was drawn to using oil because I like the thickness of the paint, and the way it feels. I am inspired to paint when I see beautiful places.? And there are no shortages of beauty on Lavender Sky Ranch.

Katita would like to host groups of people who want to try painting. ?I love painting in groups. There is an energy from having others around who want to paint. My goal is to be an artist, and my dream is to have a local gallery where I can showcase my work and the work of other artists.?

The Wilmots can be contacted by email at katitawilmot@hotmail.com or by phone (936) 203-1084. Also, check their website at lavenderskyranchtexas.com.