Sittin' Under the Oak Tree 1-16-18

Let tell ya, friends; it’s been rough sittin’ under this oak tree for the past week. I am a warm-weather-kind-of-woman, and I don’t like cold weather. Now when I was a little-bit-younger, I didn’t mind it so much, but now that I am no-longer-in-my-prime, I absolutely do NOT like winter time. But, then, God is much, much smarter than me, so I’m constantly reminding myself that God is ‘Supreme’ and my charge is to ‘just trust Him’! God has been so good to this ol’ gal, and I am thankful for His watch-care over my sons and daughters-in-love, and, of course, me. I can make decisions all day long, but if I don’t talk to God first, I can really ‘make-mud-pies’ as my sweet Mother used to say. (“And who wants to eat mud pies? Do you?”) And, of course I said no!

Folks, I am so blessed! When you pray, please pray for Mary Ann and Dennis. They meant to put up with me for five days (because they were going to be out of state) and then I’d be out of their hair. Well, it hasn’t quite worked out that way. Somewhere between 10 and 12 years have slipped by, and they haven’t been able to get rid of me. (I know where the extra key is!) In the dead of night, I ask myself why I’m still working at 77 years of age? I always answer myself like this: You have always been family-oriented, these folks are your family, so what’s up with that crazy thinking? You NEVER give up or RUN OUT on Family! So, til Father God tells me to ‘git yourself to the house’ (like I did the boys), then Mary Ann will just have to put up with me.

I am so blessed, folks, and that is the real reason that I always say “God loves me the Most!” My sons just grin, nod their heads at each other, and do that ‘she’s trippin’ again’ look! I ask: “Well, who do you know that has five AWESOME Sons like Mine?” Gets their attention, and I think they are beginning to ‘get it’! After all, I’m really bragging about them, right? All teasing aside, I don’t know what I’d do without my five awesome sons and my priceless Daughters-in-Love. My daily prayer includes this plea: “Lord, help me be the Mother that they all can trust and lean on in times of unrest/troubles”. I do NOT know how folks live without God as the Center of their life. Have a blessed week and smile, smile, smile! (It makes folks wonder what (or WHO) you know. See Ya!