Family Matters 1-16-18

Family relationships are so important. I’ve read the quote, “Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family.” This is true. Most people don’t want to be without family relationships. They want them to be there when they are happy and when they are sad, when things are going great, or when they are falling apart. Everybody needs people like that!

You may be thinking, “You obviously don’t know my family. They are never there for me.” I am sure that is true for some people, but surely you have someone in your life that you are close to. There must be someone that you believe maintaining or working on a good relationship with is worth it.

A family can only be as strong as the individuals in it. That is why it is important for each of us to work on our ownweaknesses and problems. The foundation for every individual is our relationship with God. If you can’t do anything else to strengthen yourself and your family, do that. That will be the strong foundation to build on.

Tony Evans says, “If you’re house has a damaged foundation, it doesn’t matter how much spackle you use, cracks will keep reappearing.In the same way, a family can’t succeed if we aren’t maintaining the foundation.”