Sittin' Under the Oak Tree 1-9-18

Have kept this poem in my bedside Bible for more years than I can remember. Hope it becomes a favorite of yours, too. I never knew who wrote it, but it speaks to my heart, being the blessed Mom to five awesome sons.

Mama?s Prayer

(Author Unknown)

Mama?s prayers you cannot see,

but the prayers of my

Mama are a blessing to me!

Oh, How my Mama cares for me.

The prayers she prayed, have come to be,

Because the prayers of my Mama

have set a son free.

Something happened, and now I know,

The Lord touched my very soul

and made me whole.

Mama, your prayers were not in vain.

All the lonely nights of tears and pain.

Mama, your prayers have set me free,

To see the face of Jesus who died for me.

Mama, because of your prayers

Heaven will be my Home.

To never more wonder, and never more roam.

Your nights of worry, to worry no more,

Because, I let Jesus in; I opened the door

Mama, doors will open and doors will close,

But the love I have for my Mama

Will never, ever grow old.

You have been my ups when I felt down,

And your blessing came without a frown.

God will bless you truly, you see,

Because He sent you to pray for a son such as me.

I?m so grateful for my Mamma?s prayers?

You have helped me to see,

How the love and prayers

Of a Mama can set a son free.

God Bless Mamas!