BHS Performs In The Heights

The Buffalo High School Cast & Crew after their performance of In The Heights.

The BHS Theater put on the amazing musical In The Heights. The musical was performed on December 14th & 16th and is about a few friends and family that live in Washington Heights. The play focuses on the struggles and romances of the group.

A man called Usnavi, played by David Alcantar, and named after the U.S Navy, runs a small caf? that enables the neighborhood to get going in the mornings. Shortly after the opening, the power goes out in the entire neighborhood which causes mayhem. Another character, a girl named Nina, played by Lilah Molina, returns home from college and has to tell her parents that she is dropping out of school.

The story develops as Usnavi and Nina find their lovers. Usnavi falls in love with a girl named Vanessa, played by Taylor Lack, who wants to leave the neighborhood but doesn?t because she is in love with Usnavi. Nina also falls in love with a man named Benny, played by Kendall Reynolds, who works for Nina?s parents. The couples come together at the end when Usnavi?s adopted Grandmother, Abuela Claudia, played by Madison Rowan, wins the lottery but soon after dies from a heart attack.

Usnavi is able to repair his cafe with the money given to him from Abuela Claudia and is able to stay with Vanessa. As for Nina and Benny, Nina?s parents sell their business and pay for her to go back to college as Benny finds a new job and stays with Nina.

The musical was well performed and had strong supporting actors: Andrea Daniel, Alvaro Sanchez, Bocho Villagomez, Nadia Garcia, Dylan Cornish, and Kayleigh Rhodes. The singing, performing, and choreography were well performed to execute an amazing play. The production took many months to pull off and many hours of practice. The actors who did this are very talented and deserve massive amounts of credit for what they were able to do.

Last, but not least are the directors, Jill Henson and Martha Zimmerman. Without them, the play would not be what it was. Henson and Zimmerman are both amazing people that love their jobs and do them well. In The Heights was the first major production for BHS theater this year. There is more to see from this amazing group. You will not want to miss out.