Leon County Elections

For those of us who like to watch political elections, Leon county has some contested positions coming up for vote in the Primary, March 2018. All of the candidates are running under the Republican party.

Running for County Judge is incumbent Byron Ryder who has held the position for 15 years. Also running for County Judge is Gary Danford whose family has made Leon County their home for many years.

In the contest for County Commissioner, Precinct 2 is incumbent David Ferguson who has served in the position for fifteen years. Opposing Ferguson is Sandy Lumley who is a long time Leon county resident.

In the race for Leon County District Clerk is incumbent Beverly Wilson who has served for one term. Challenging Wilson is Cassandra Noey who is currently the secretary to the county judge and has worked in the county offices for 18 years.

In Buffalo, Lori Reid is running again for her position as Justice of the Peace, Precinct 1. Reid has served in this position since January of 2007. Challenging Reid is Mark Taylor who has lived and worked in the county for many years.

There is a three way race for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4. Running in this race is Glynda Williams, Lee Weiler, and Robert Kelly. Currently, Jerry Grimes holds this position but is not running again.

Other local positions that will be on the ballot but do not have a challenger are David Grimes for County Commissioner, Precinct 4; Christi Wakefield for County Clerk; Jack Keeling for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 2; Brandi Hill for County Treasurer; and David Welch for Constable, Precinct 4.

Also on the ballot will be the District Judge positions. There are three district judges that serve in Leon County regularly. The position for the 367th district is the only contested race with Micheal Davis and Frank Dobrovolny both in the running.

For the 87th district, Deborah Oakes Evans is again running for the position she has held for many years. And in the 278th district, Hal Ridley is running unopposed.

A ?Meet the Candidates? evening is planned at Hilltop Lakes for February 19th. Details for this are not yet set, but it will be an opportunity for voters to see and hear from the candidates in person.

The election date is March 6th. Early voting has already been scheduled for February 20th thru 23rd, and February 26th thru March 2nd. Voters should mark their calendars and plan to have their voices heard in selecting the people who will hold these important offices in Leon County.