New Grocery Store Planned in Leon County

Richard Osborn, Vice President of Petroleum Wholesale, L.P., addressed Leon County Commissioners in court Monday, December 11th. Osborn said his purpose was to bring the court ?up to speed? with his company?s plans to build a shopping area in Leona.

Petroleum Wholesale purchased 280 acres in the Leona area. On about 6 acres near access to Interstate 45, plans are underway to build a Main Street Market. This will house a large, full discount grocery store, a restaurant, a hardware store, a liquor store, and other businesses. There will also be gas and diesel pumps for motorists.

According to Osborn, the new shopping complex will be inside the Leona city limits and will significantly increase that city?s income from sales taxes. ?The shopping addition is estimated to generate about three and half million dollars annually,? said Osborn. Also, the new business is expected to add 40 new jobs to the area.

According to Leon County Judge Byron Ryder, Petroleum Wholesale also owns property in Buffalo next to Interstate 45 and could possibly bring a similar shopping center to that area in the near future. Osborn did not have a definite date for completion of the Leona Main Street Market but said it would probably be opened sometime in 2018.

Petroleum Wholesales currently has a Main Street Market in The Woodlands, Midland, and Wickett and two others located outside of Texas.