Robin Craig: The Lily

Meet Robin Craig who has moved to Buffalo from the Woodlands and brings with her all her artistic talents to share and teach and inspire others at her new home, The Lily. Monday, December 4th, Robin was hostess to a large group of local ladies who were interested to learn the art of wreath making. Those in attendance learned some of skills to produce a beautiful wreath for Christmas decoration.

In addition to the lessons with wreaths, those present had a chance to look through samples of other local artists and dealers who brought their wares, mostly with a Christmas theme. Special purchases were made by those getting ready for the holidays. Guests also enjoyed a brunch of muffins, quiche, fresh fruit, and Apple Champagne Punch with Cranberries all supplied by Teresa Nix and Kathleen Wilmot.

Robin has had 30 years of experience in floral design. She is also an artist, and has moved to the Buffalo area retired but with hopes and plans of now painting and enjoying her creativity to produce the things she has not always had time for before. The Lily includes a comfortable working studio separate from her house. Monday the studio was overflowing with ladies watching Robin?s demonstrations with the wreaths.

Robin started her journey into retirement by purchasing five acres and a small house on CR 3142 about two years ago. The first step was to reconstruct and add to the existing house. Though it is still a ?work in progress?, the small house has already turned into a charming and inviting cottage.

?I have kept as many features from the original house as I could,? explained Robin. ?There is still a lot to be done.? Plans include work outside of the home. Robin has designed an English and French garden center where she will focus on accessories ? gates, pots, and antiques ? to decorate an outside area. ?Flowers are my passion,? said Robin, and one knows she means it when she says it.

Robin plans to host day retreats for women who want to learn and practice floral arrangements at The Lily. Naming her new place The Lily happened when Robin discovered lilies growing around the property that had been planted by the previous owner. ?I love the lilies, and the person I most admire and have modeled my life after is my ?Aunt Lily?. (Not truly an aunt, but a person Robin has loved and calls a ?model of a good southern homemaker.?)

Robin Craig?s goal ?to inspire women through the beauty of nature? and The Lily are clearly an asset to the Buffalo community. Those interested in learning more about floral arrangements and interior design in general should contact Robin by phone 281-467-3784 or email at robin@robincraig.net.