Buffalo City Council Tackles Agenda

Members of the Buffalo City Council met Monday, November 27th, for their regular monthly meeting. Buffalo Mayor Royce Dawkins presided over a short agenda. Council Members present were Dorothy Farmer, Dianne Ryder, Glenn Hightower, and Martin Housler. Absent was Member Jerry Salazar.

Post Analysis Reports from the Buffalo Youth Organization and the Chamber of Commerce for events held in 2017 were reviewed. Both organizations used some monies from the city hotel/motel tax fund to help with their events. The Chamber returned $7,000 of the money they had been allowed for the Buffalo Stampede.

Hightower commented that the two organizations had done a ?good job of keeping track of expenditures and presenting it to the council.?

The council considered the request from the Buffalo Boys Basketball for $16,000 to host the 2017 Christmas Shoot-out. After considerable discussion the council voted to allow $10,000 for the event which was the amount recommended by the review committee. Ryder voted against the motion in favor of allowing the full amount, and Housler abstained from voting because of lack of enough information. No representative from the Buffalo Boys Basketball was present.

Buffalo Chief of Police Lance Pavelka gave the monthly report from his department. There were 80 calls for service including 1 for Assault of a Public Servant, 2 Burglary of a Building, and 1 Theft of a Firearm. Pavelka also said that he had received several calls of debit card numbers being cloned and used. And accidents have been frequent on I 45.

The 2018 Renewal of Coalition of Cities for Utility Issues and Invoice was approved.

And approval was given to change the dates of the December 2017, May 2018, and December 2018 monthly council meetings. The next regular meeting will be December 18, 2017. The council meets at the Buffalo Senior Citizens at 6 pm.

In Council Comments, Housler stated that he had been unaware of the city considering bids for the new city hall / civic center that is now under construction. ?I was blind sided,? said Housler, who said he thought the architect would come back to the council with changes requested before going out for bids.

The mayor described the process followed including that the call for bids was posted in local papers two weeks prior to the deadline for bidding. The architect also contacted contractors outside of the area.

Ryder said that she also thought another council meeting would have been held before going out for bids and requested that any future decisions be brought to the council.

Bid opening for the new city hall / civic center was held in October (the deadline for bids was October 4th.) At the October City Council Meeting, all council members present voted in favor of awarding J. E. Kingham, Contractors the project. Kingham had been the lowest bidder at $1,561,950 for the 7,700 square foot building. Architect Billy Ballows said that he had contracted eleven contractors that he thought would be interested in the project in addition to the ad for bids in the local papers.

Seven bids were considered for the new construction. Only one bid was submitted by a local contractor and that bid was disqualified because it did not meet the specifications for entering a bid. Dirt work for the new city hall / civic center is underway on Highway 75 next to the Community National Bank.