Family Matters 12-5-17

If there is one thing common to most families today it is being so busy. It seems most everyone is finding little time for the things they really need to find time for. Along with the busy-ness, there seems to be a lack of peace in many situations. The great thing is, that even in the busiest seasons of our life, it is still possible to have peace. We can talk to God at any place and any time. Even in the middle of trying to ?get things done? we can remain in an attitude of prayer and praise. We can stop and take time to thank God for all He has done for us.Doing this really needs to become a regular part of our daily life.

In the classic Christian book, ?Streams in the Desert,? Charles Cowman wrote, ?Two wings are necessary to lift our souls toward God; prayer and praise.Prayer asks and praise accepts the answer.?So no matter what you are doing today, take time for prayer and praise. It will strengthen you and give you peace even in the middle of your busy life.