Texas Target Community Planners

Members of the Buffalo Advisory Committee met with the students of the Texas Target Community Planners Monday, October 2nd at the Buffalo Civic Center. The team of students are graduate and undergraduate students of Texas A&M who are working to become city managers. The program gives the students hands on experience at city planning and offers Buffalo a vision and goals for future growth.

The meeting was designed to gather information and share input about the community needs which will be the basis for the establishment of the plan?s goals and objectives. The areas discussed were housing needs, economic development, community facilities, parks and open space, and infrastructure.

Members of the advisory committee and others present interacted with the students and discussed the needs in these area on an immediate level, a soon level, and a future level. The purpose is to have a plan for the city that will aid growth and also help the city qualify for certain federal and/or state grants that may be possible for rural areas.

A public meeting is being scheduled for the first week in December, so that the students can present the ideas they have gathered to a broader audience and can get more input from members of the community who are interested in the development of Buffalo.

Meeting with the Texas Target Communities students Monday were committee members Larry Tatum, Dr. Russell Jonas, Robby Boettcher, Chase Glick, Lacy Freeman, and Susan Wilder. Buffalo Council member Dorothy Farmer, Mayor Royce Dawkins, and city attorney Jerry Nowlin were also present.