Buffalo City Council Tackles Agenda

Members of the Buffalo City Council met Monday, September 25th, for their regular meeting. Present were Council persons Dianne Ryder, Glenn Hightower, and Dorothy Farmer. Buffalo Mayor Royce Dawkins presided over a short agenda. Absent were Council persons Jerry Salazar and Martin Housler.

Buffalo Police Chief Lance Pavelka reported that there had been 80 calls to the police department for service last month. These calls included 2 for Theft, 2 for Burglary, and 1 for Stalking. The department issued 129 citations last month.

The council approved a $2.50 increase in the water and sewer base rates. The increase will offset the expense the city will incur to replace some of the older water lines in the city.

Approval was given for the 2017 ? 2018 scheduled holidays.

The board approved the BEDC Quarterly Report and Annual Budget as presented by Executive Director Ken Jones.

Other items on the agenda were postponed until a special meeting can be held later in the week. These items are to consider the 2017 ? 2018 budget, a resolution to ratify property tax increase in the 2017 ? 2018 budget, and an ordinance adopting 2017 Ad Valorem Tax Rates.