Family Thanks Buffalo for Hospitality During Harvey

Hello, my name is MJ Jones. My family and I left our home in Humble, TX on that first Monday in September, to escape Hurricane Harvey. We weren?t sure where we would be going; all we knew was that we wanted to be safe. Watching the weather bulletins on TV caused some anxiety and later having to shelter in place, because of tornado warnings, my husband and I and 3 adult children and 2 grandchildren had to move into our bathroom until the threat went away. This is something we will always remember. We had called our other children and prayed as a family that God would protect us and give us direction. We decided it was time to pack and move north.

Leaving out of our subdivision and getting on I-59 North was shocking to us as we saw how high the water was as we approached the San Jacinto River near Kingwood. We left in two separate vehicles to ensure everyone was comfortable for the trip. We were rerouted so many times as we headed North, making sure we didn?t go through flooded waters. Our hearts went out to the families and business owners that were already affected by the rising waters.

When we were finally on I-45 North, we were able to relax and thank God for getting us away from the hurricane. My son had already made reservations in Palestine, but my eyes fell to the left of the highway to Hampton Inn & Suites. I immediately asked my son if we could stay there. He said sure and called to find out if they had 3 rooms available. I was so happy when he told us, Yes!!!! When we drove up, I noticed how busy they were, but so polite and friendly. I was impressed with the staff at the front desk and cleanliness of the property. They expressed their care and concern to us and wanted to let us know if there was anything they could do for us, to let them know.

The rooms were really nice and spacious. We needed some items from the store, so my daughter and I went to the local Family Dollar Store, and it looked like there were others shopping that had evacuated from Kingwood, Spring and Cypress TX. Everyone was so friendly there, the cashiers and other locals were just so kind and made us feel at home. The staff at the Brookshire store were very helpful and friendly also. We had dinner the first day at Dickie?s BBQ. The food was excellent, of course. The server made some recommendations about the amenities in Buffalo, including the city park. we felt right at home again.

Back at the hotel, we were told that dinner on Tuesday would be provided by the staff and some of their friends. I thought it would be sandwiches and chips, but to my surprise, it was a big spread from one end of the meeting room to the other end. The couple that we would to say a ?Special Thank You? to is Tre & Dana Daniel. They rolled out the ?red carpet? for all of those staying at the hotel and they invited the hotel next door also.

That was unbelievable, you saw people of many nationalities and age groups that mingled like one big happy family. The staff served us and gave of themselves to make us think on the positive, not knowing what we would return to back home. While people were getting their food, I wanted to know if we could have a prayer of thanksgiving before eating. I mentioned it to this beautiful volunteer that was waiting on everyone and she pointed me to Dana and she told me to talk to Tre. It was a definite, YES! My husband who is a minister at our church, offered a few words to the crowd and said a prayer of thanksgiving to God for protecting us.

There was also a Snow Cone truck that showed up in the front of the hotel and allowed us to have any flavor we wanted. Special Thanks to Karey Reeder and Susan Shelton also. At this gathering, I met people that have a special place in my heart; we exchanged numbers to keep up with each other.

It was just so touching to experience a town of such caring people. The people of Buffalo, TX went out of their way to make strangers feel so very welcome in their town. Those kind gestures will be indelibly etched in our minds and hearts.

When I need to take a mini vacation, Hampton Inn & Suites in Buffalo, TX will be my first choice. If I had to make a comment on the review section online, 5 stars is not enough. Ms. Layla, manager of the property, the staff is only as good as you are. Job well done. Again, thanks for making the evacuees from the Houston area feel welcomed in your town and extending love to us during this devastating time.