Buffalo ISD Board Meets

New Casey Ag Facility at Buffalo High School

A quorum of the Buffalo ISD Trustees met Monday, September 18th, for their regular scheduled meeting. BISD President Jennifer Humphries presided. Trustees in attendance were John Rodell, Bobby Fishbeck, and Monty McGill. Absent were Jack Helmcamp, Pat Bell, and Randy Ayers.

The board heard a report on the state of the campuses from Athletic Director Gary Grubbs, High School Principal Tracy Gleghorn, and Belle Director and Instructor Amanda Harter. Grubs reported that 48 students are participating in football at the junior high, and 64 students are playing at the high school. Harter said she has 42 Belles starting out the season, and they are looking forward to their performances.

Superintendent Lacy Freeman reported on the progress of the new Casey Ag Facility. Currently water lines and gutters have been put in place to keep the water from draining into the animals? pens. The electrical fixtures have been installed, and now doors to the feed room an the tack room are waiting to be put in place. ?It?s a really nice set up,? said Freeman. ?The pens are expected to be here at the end of this week.?

Freeman stated that the current total enrollment at BISD is 951. The transportation department for the school is now on a digital system which cuts out much of the time needed for paperwork to maintain records of each vehicles? trips and drivers.

A budget amendment to allow the purchase of a software program that will enable BISD mechanics to perform some of the work on school vehicles was approved. This system, provided by Snap On, should reduce costly trips buses sometimes have to make to repair shops.

Approval was given for the resolution regarding Freestone County 4H as eligible for status as extracurricular organization. Also approved was a similar resolution to regard Leon County 4H program as a extracurricular organization. And likewise, approval was given regarding Buffalo Little Dribblers as eligible for status as a extracurricular organization.

Approved also was the contract for E-Rate Services for the 2017 ? 2018 school year.