Free Flu Shots to be Offered at LC Health Fair

Leon County Commissioners met Monday, September 11th, for their first meeting of the month. Leon County Judge Byron Ryder presided over a relatively short agenda. Judge Ryder reminded those present that free flu shots will be provided during the Health Fair at the Expo on October 3rd.

Leon District Clerk Beverly Wilson addressed the court over the matter of court costs collected by the District Clerk?s Office and the Sheriff?s Office?s service fees. Wilson said she had researched records and could not find where the current amounts collected for court costs had ever been approved.

The court voted to set and approve the fees at the highest amount allowed by state guidelines. Likewise, the current bailiff fee for the Sheriff?s Office was approved at $15. All other fees will be set at statute guidelines.

Leon County Victims Assistant Coordinator Carrie Leathers addressed the court to request use of her department?s budget funds to pay for travel expenses incurred to visit the schools in the county to present a program to help young people not become victims of bullying. Leathers explained that the program was requested at more than one campus at the school districts, and she had made multiple trips to each district.

The court voted to allow the travel expenses to be paid only twice a year to each school district maintaining that while the court was supportive of the anti-bullying program, they also believed the school districts could absorb some of the cost.

The court approved a request from Paul and Sherry Matney to join the Adopt a Road program on the corner of County Roads 212 and 223.

The court approved the re-appointment of Matt Way (Industrial Interests Representative) as director for the Mid-Texas Groundwater Conservation District. Way is employed at Nucor.

A resolution to designate Grant Works as the administration service provider for the Texas Hazard Mitigation Assistance program and project implementation was approved. Grant Works was the only company that responded to the request for applications for this service.

A resolution designating Jones and Carter the Engineering Service Provider for the Texas Hazard Mitigation Assistance program application and project was approved. There were three submissions for the position, and Jones and Carter was selected by the Leon County Scoring Committee. This resolution concerns a grant for a generator.

Commissioner Dean Stanford requested that bids be taken to install bleachers in the second arena at the Expo Center. (The second arena is the former Yellow Rose Arena.) Stanford also requested bids for concrete to be poured on which to install the bleachers. Both requests were approved.

Donations to provide free flu shots at the Health Fair next month were approved from Torno Real Estate for $200, Carrie Leathers for $50, Citizens State Bank for $500, and Community National Bank for $500.

Donations to the Veterans? Services Program were approved from Commissioner Joey Sullivan for $50, Judge Ryder for $50, Leon County Abstract for $50, Guarantee Titles for $100, and Cross Texas Transmissions for $100.

The judge reminded the audience that the Health Fair will be held at the Expo on October 3rd from 10am to 2pm. Free flu shots will be given at the Health Fair. And Veterans? Appreciation Day will be held October 21st at the Expo from 11am to 3pm.