Sittin' Under the Oak Tree 9-19-17

I’m Not Alone

Helen Steiner Rice

My cross is not too heavy,

My road is not too rough,

Because God walks beside me

And to know that is enough.

And though I get so lonely

I know I’m not alone,

And the Lord God is my Father

And He loves me as His own….

So though I’m tired and weary

And I wish my race were run,

God. Himself, will terminate it

When my work here is done….

So let me stop complaining

About my load of care,

For God will always lighten it

When it gets too much to beat….

And if He does not ease my load

He will give me strength to bear it,

For God in love and mercy

Is always near to share it….

As J.D.’s birthday (Sept. 28th) draws near, I have some difficult days. I miss him like missing my own breath, but I keep reminding myself that he is pain-free and wouldn’t want to come back here. Our five sons are so like their Dad; always checking on me, doing errands that I can’t handle, and getting together on the phone and figuring out who can come, and when. What would I ever do without them? I don’t even want to think that thought!

Helen Steiner Rice is my favorite author and my dear friend, Barbara Oslin, found one of her books that I have never read, and sent it to me for my birthday! How blessed am I? ‘Barb’, thanks and much love coming your way. You are truly God’s Child, and one-of-a-kind! Love you and miss you and your sweet B. Owen!

Well, time to wind this up; the clock is ticking and this paper is “ready to be put to bed!” Have a blessed week, and may God watch over ‘you and yours’!