Sittin' Under the Oak Tree 6-13-17

Folks, it seems like two ?forevers? that I have been dealing with this left hand, but then, who?s counting? Got the cast off and now am in a splint/brace for a couple of weeks. My awesome doctor told me that she wanted me out of this thing in a couple of weeks, and she looked like she thought that I was going to argue the point. NOT!

Two weeks in bandages, three weeks in a cast, and now a splint for 2 weeks. Long time? Absolutely, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Have felt so darn bad about leaving way-too-much on Mary Ann, but she has been my Champion the whole time. ?Sister, you can do this! Don?t worry; we?ve got this! Hey, don?t do THAT! It?s too heavy!? Get the picture??? Oh, wait, maybe that?s what your Boss-Lady is supposed to do, huh?

Yes, it seems like far longer than five and a half weeks, but I have always been a ?determined? person. If I make up my mind, I will hang-in-there til ?the bell rings?, but sometimes, the time hangs ?heavy? I want to ?Git the job done?! (And I want it done NOW!!!) Anyone else know what I?m tryin? to say???

So, have yourself a great week, be kind to your neighbor (especially if it?s me), and I?ll see ya, right here, next time!