Flo Water Board Meets

Directors of the Flo Community Water Supply Corporation (FCWSC) voted for a small increase in their water rates. A committee studied the effect of a rate increase and recommended to the board that the base rate for water to be increased by $2 effective October 1, 2016. Also, after 5,000 gallons, the rate will be increased .25 per thousand. It was noted that this has been the first increase since 2014.

Directors of FCWSC met Thursday, August 18th, for their regular monthly meeting. All were present except Secretary Phillip Bounds. President Mike Meade presided.

Field Manager Mark Collins reported that the amount of water lost last month broke a record. There were 4 major leaks and 25 small leaks. The worst was an 8 inch pipe that split for 15 feet because the ground was so dry. ?The rain has helped,? said Collins. The installation of new meters was down for the month. There were no major issues with any of the wells.

Administrator Lela Patterson reported most of her time was spent preparing the budget. ?We did finish the remodeling in the office. Every one is invited to come see it,? said Patterson. The wheelchair ramp was also replaced.

The board approved the budget for FY 2016 ? 2017.

The board voted to allow Express Electric to place radio equipment on the Weedon Standpipe.

Patterson reported that she completed research to choose a corporation attorney for FCWSC. Patterson recommended Attorney Patricia Coy of Clifton. ?Coy has experience with water companies and in real estate,? said Patterson. The board voted to hire Coy as needed.

Two agenda items were tabled until next month. Next month the board will decide on a corporation insurance company for FY 2016 ? 2017, and will possibly take action to complete all documentation for funding of the Weedon Plant Upgrade #2 with CoBank in the amount of $400,000.