Bison Belles Earn Sweepstakes Plaque

BISON BELLES -- LT. Skyler Jackson, Social Officer Ally Jackson, 1st LT. Chelsea Harter, Captain Gracie Davis, Social Officer Taylor Wood, LT. Iveth Molina, LT. Jocelyn Ayala, Social Officer Ashlynn Woodard, and LT. Natalie Uptmor show off the Sweepstakes plaque they earned at Showtime International.

The Belle officers and social officers attended the Showtime international Line Camp in Mesquite, Texas July 28th-31st. The girls were evaluated Sunday on the routines that they were taught Saturday earning them a combined score of 99. They were then evaluated on the camp military routine that was taught Friday earning a score of 95. This put their overall score at 97 for the intensive three day camp.

The officers were awarded a sweepstakes plaque for their work. The girls were also required to bring a home routine. The Belles choose to perform a contest pom that they learned in May, and earned a 94 for this fast paced pom mix.

Captain Gracie Davis was selected after auditions to sing the National Anthem at the camp closing ceremonies and show offs on July 31st.

?The entire team was proud to have Gracie represent BHS and the Belles with her beautiful voice. Dance camp is a physically demanding experience,? Director Amanda Harter said. ?I am proud that these young ladies pushed through headaches, sore muscles, sore wrists, ankles, and knees.?

The officers and social officers were in the BHS gym bright and early on Monday morning after camp at 7:40am to start teaching the 59th Belle line the routines that they were evaluated on just the day before.